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Welcome in In Viaggio con Ricky, our Travel Blog.

I am Stefano and I live in a small village close to Udine.

I began travelling when I was young with my parents.

When I finished High School, I started travelling alone and I visited several countries around Europe.

I could not imagine that a thousand kilometres away from my hometown, in Krakow, lived a blonde girl, Elisabetta, who had the same passion.

We met during a trip by train from Italy to Prague. It was 1990.

From that moment, we never left each other and we continued to travel together.


Elisabetta In Viaggio con Ricky



Our son Riccardo was born in 1998, so we continued in three.

In 2004, we decided to broaden our horizons, discovering the charm and mystery of Patagonia on the road.

It was the first and unforgettable travel experience in another continent.


Riccardo Tomada In Viaggio con Ricky



Our blog born in 2010, primarily as a travel blog for our family and friends.

Over time, it organically morphed into a new adventure focused on travels, wine and photography.

We usually travel independently and all the information contained in our posts is the result of our personal experience.


Thank you for visiting us,

Riccardo, Elisabetta e Stefano Tomada.

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Riccardo, Elisabetta e Stefano

Riccardo, Elisabetta e Stefano

Un android developer a tempo perso, una polacca innamorata dell'Italia e un appassionato di geografia prestato all'informatica.

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